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The Bob Graham Round

The Bob Graham Round is a classic and iconic fell running challenge which takes place in the rugged beauty of the Lake District (England). It is named after Bob Graham, a local hotelier, who first completed the round in 1932.

Bob Graham, a local Keswick hotelier who first completed the Bob Graham Round in 1932.

Bob Graham, a local hotelier, who first completed the round in 1932

The Bob Graham Round involves running an approx. 66 miles (106 km) circuit, traversing 42 peaks, climbing and descending 27,000 feet (8,230 meters), all in under 24 hours. Make no mistake, this round is a demanding and arduous undertaking even for the most seasoned fell runners.

Completing the Bob Graham Round is not just about finishing the distance; it’s about doing so in a 24 hour time frame. The challenge traditionally must be completed within 24 hours, typically starting and finishing at Moot Hall in Keswick.

Moot Hall in Keswick is the start and finish of The Bob Graham Round

Moot Hall in Keswick is the start and finish of The Bob Graham Round.

This 24 hour time constraint adds an extra layer of difficulty to an already very difficult route, forcing runners to carefully plan their pace, nutrition, and rest stops to ensure they cover the entire route within the allotted time.

This iconic fell running challenge is a test of endurance, navigation, and mental strength, drawing runners from around the world, such as Kílian Jornet and Jack Kuenzle, to attempt its grueling route. This round has become a rite of passage for those seeking the ultimate test of their fell running capabilities. For those who dare to take on this iconic challenge, the reward is not just the satisfaction of completing a grueling route but also the camaraderie of the fell running community and the opportunity to become part of a legacy that spans generations.

Only one in three will return to the Keswick Moot Hall before the clock runs down.

Most of the rest will be back again…!

The Bob Graham 24 Hour Club

The Bob Graham Round is classed as one of the ‘Big Three’ rounds in the UK of which the other two are The Paddy Buckley Round (Wales) and The Charlie Ramsay Round (Scotland).

You can purchase a map of The Bob Graham Round on Amazon or alternatively see some of the navigation links below.

Route Statistics

Note: Many rounds and challenges may have varying distances as sometimes the route is left up to the runner as long as they hit the various check points required.  This means that the data you see may be approximate and can differ from gpx file to gpx file.


  • Miles:  66.00
  • KM:  106.22

Elevation / Descent (feet):

  • Elevation :  27000
  • Descent:  27000

Elevation / Descent (metres):

  • Elevation :  8229.6
  • Descent:  8229.6
The Bob Graham Round Elevation Profile
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Start location

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