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The McWilliams Round (Short)

The McWilliams Round (Short) is a brilliant running challenge set in the heart of the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland. It is named after its creators, Glen and Jack McWilliams, who are both local fell runners. Glen completed the very first (short) round in 2018. The short round is the first iteration of the McWilliams Round which consists of the Short (32 miles), Long (42 miles) and Ultra (74 miles) rounds.

Glen Mcwilliams - creator of The Mcwilliams Round (Short, Long and Ultra)

Glen McWilliams – co-creator of The McWilliams Round (Short, Long and Ultra)

The McWilliams Round (Short) involves running an approx. 32 miles (51 km) circuit, climbing and descending 6,800 feet (2072 meters). Make no mistake, this round is a demanding and arduous undertaking even for the most seasoned runners.

Wooler War Memorial - The start and finish of the McWilliams Round (Short, Long and Ultra)

Wooler War Memorial – The start and finish of the McWilliams Round (Short, Long and Ultra)

Starting from the Wooler War Memorial on Church Street Wooler, follow the way marked St Cuthberts Way to the junction with the Pennine Way. From here follow this trail to the summit of The Cheviot, the highest point in the Cheviot Hills. Briefly leaving the trails, drop off the summit into the Harthope Valley before climbing onto the summit of Hedgehope. The route then continues along past Housey Craggs till Middleton Old Town, before going up the Carey Burn, up Hell’s Path, finishing back along the St Cuthberts Way into Wooler and ending back at the Wooler War Memorial.

Jack McWilliams’ route description

Completing the The McWilliams Round (Short) gets your name on the leader board along with a certificate of achievement of which there are 3 levels of achievement:

  • Sub 7hr – gold certificate
  • Sub 8hr – silver certificate
  • 8hr and above – bronze certificate.

To get your name on the leader board simply provide evidence of your completion to Glen via the Facebook page. Glen often, if time permits, meets runners before and/or after the event if you let him know you are doing the route in advance.

This is fast becoming a popular round that you need to tick off your list. Have you got what it takes to do this round? Of course you have…..

Route Statistics

Note: Many rounds and challenges may have varying distances as sometimes the route is left up to the runner as long as they hit the various check points required.  This means that the data you see may be approximate and can differ from gpx file to gpx file.


  • Miles:  32
  • KM:  51.5

Elevation / Descent (feet):

  • Elevation :  6800
  • Descent:  6800

Elevation / Descent (metres):

  • Elevation :  2072.64
  • Descent:  2072.64
The McWilliams Round Short Route Elevation Profile
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Start location

Route GPX Files

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