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Frequently Asked Questions For Runners

The following will hopefully answer your questions about this service if you are using it as a runner to find events. However, if you do not get the answer you are looking for, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

What is the purpose of the website?

The website / directory was developed to make it easier for runners to find running events in the UK. This is hopefully achieved by allowing event organisers the ability to add all of their events free of charge. The aim is for this site is to be as accessible as possible for its users and this will be achieved by ensuring that it will:

  • ALWAYS BE FREE for Event Organisers to add an event.
  • ALWAYS BE FREE for the public to use the website to find running events.

Firstly we are very happy that you love what we do and there are several ways you can support us which are:

  • Follow us on social media – all of our links are in the website footer.
  • Like and share our content on social media – help spread the word about our service.  The more ‘event organisers’ that know about and use our service the better it will get for all of us runners as you will see more events on our website.
  • Share specific event pages and blog posts – our event pages and blogs contain links to easily share specific events and blogs with other runners.
  • Link your website to our website – if you have a blog or any other website add a link to our website.
  • Report issues – If you experience an issue with our service, let us know so that we can fix it and improve our service to you.
  • Buy me a coffee – If you appreciate this free service then why not ‘buy me a coffee‘ so that we can ensure the hamsters keep on running. You can find the link to this in the footer of the website on all pages.

We have picked the ‘centre’ point for the UK as a starting point and then set the distance from the postcode to 1500 miles which more than covers all events within the UK. Of course, you can change these default values in the search filter to narrow your search.

In order to give you a guide to the distance that events are from your home postcode we calculate event distance in a straight line from your postcode to the event postcode. However, the difference occurs as Google Maps works out the travelling distance between the 2 postcodes which will never be in a straight line.

For more information on event disciplines please read our article on Understanding Event Disciplines.

For more information on event types please read our article on Understanding Running Event Terrains.

Unfortunately, we do not have virtual events yet, but this functionality will come in the near future. 

When we do have this functionality you will find the virtual events by visiting our Virtual Events page.

Rounds and Challenges do not appear on the main home page as these do not have fixed dates and are more of a personal challenge you undertake at a time of your choosing.  However, fear not, we do have a dedicated section for these which can be found on our Challenges and Rounds page.

You can use the search filter and under the ‘Event Type’ select the ‘Fell’ option.  This will return any events that an organiser has deemed as a ‘Fell Race’.

However, sometimes events might be added that may not be ‘true’ Fell Races as they don’t strictly adhere to the rules and guidelines as set out by organisations such as the FRA (Fell Runners Association).  If you want to narrow your results down further then you can filter further by the ‘Event Rule Set’ options and look for events under certain rule sets such as those run under the FRA.

Using the search filter, if you have selected the main event discipline as ‘Canicross’ this will obviously bring back these events which we know are Dog friendly however this might not bring back all events that are dog friendly as some events might be listed as having a different main discipline. I.e. Running instead of Canicross.

To get all events that are Dog Friendly, use the search filter and ensure the ‘Dog Friendly’ checkbox is ticked and apply the filter.

As outlined in the article Understanding Running Event Terrains, certain events such as Cross Country, Fell and Trail can be difficult to distinguish so it is left up to the the Event Organiser to best decide when they add their event.

Adding events is a function that is only meant for Event Organisers and because events are unique to Event Organisers there should not be any duplicate events. There are 2 main reasons why you may see duplicate events of which these are:

  • Someone has added an event which is not their own (which is against our Terms & Conditions).
  • An Event Organiser may duplicate an event by accident.

If you do notice duplicate events please get in touch via the contact page and let us know so that this can be rectified.

Yes, this site may use both advertising and affiliate links however unlike many other websites, where you get pop-up after pop-up, we will not saturate our free service with this at the expense of our running directory being annoying to use. 

Quite simply if the advertising was to affect the user experience of the website then it would not be added.  The usability of the site comes first so if you see any issues or think something is annoying get in contact and we can take a look at it.

We certainly welcome any feedback/suggestions our users give us. Whilst we may not be able to implement all feedback/suggestions we would love to hear about what does or doesn’t work on our site as well as any suggestions you may have for improving this free service. Give us feedback by getting in touch via the website contact page and we will take onboard any and all feedback sent to us.